Bruno's Pizza

Delicious & Fresh Pizza Everyday Since 1972

New Look,
Same Flavor

Bruno’s is newly renovated to make you more comfortable while you enjoy the classic pizza you already love. The new space is modern, beautiful, & perfect for Bruno’s loyal customers.

Stop by today and check it out!

bruno's famous

Sicilian Pizza

People have flocked to Bruno’s Pizza for decades to munch on our deliciously crispy square pizza. Every pizza we make is fresh, crispy, & mouthwateringly delectable.

Come hang out and grab a slice, or order a pie to take Bruno’s home.

Fresh Ingredients

Bruno’s Pizza uses only the freshest ingredients for every delicious bite.

A Local Favorite

The community has been in love with Bruno’s Pizza for over 50 years.

See What We Got

We’ll let the food speak for itself.